EMERGENCY NUMBERS: Fire: 9-1-1 Water: 604-414-3703

You own the water pipe from your home up to the shut-off valve (usually at your property line).

We own the shut-off valve.

The responsibility for a leak on private residential property can be determined by turning off the water at the shut-off valve. If the leak stops, repairing the leak is your responsibility.

We do not trace private sewer or water pipes on public or private property. Unlike other utilities, we do not own these pipes. They have been installed by private contractors.


If there is a leak in your water pipe….

You are responsible for:

  • arranging for a licensed professional to make any necessary repairs
  • paying for the repairs

Your contractor will be responsible for:

  • obtaining the necessary permits
  • getting clearances from utility companies (e.g. BC Hydro)
  • repairing the leak
  • arranging for us to inspect the repair and turn the water back on

We are responsible for:

  • turning off the water so that the repair can be made
  • inspecting the repair and then turning the water back on

We will turn off the water if the leak becomes a risk to:

  • the water supply system
  • public safety
  • private or public property

While your water is off during the repair, we recommend that you:

  • keep your taps closed to prevent flooding when your water is turned on
  • turn off electrically operated hot water tanks to prevent damage

If you have any questions, contact our office at 604 486-7757