EMERGENCY NUMBERS: Fire: 9-1-1 Water: 604-414-3703


Billing is annual for non-metered rates and quarterly for metered rates for continued water service.


Invoices are sent out in January. Annual non-metered Water Tolls are due by the end of March.

There are several ways to pay:

  • You can pay by cheque – mailed to the GBID; PO Box 102, Gillies Bay, V0N 1W0
  • Payment by cash – in person at the GBID Fire Hall; Monday through Friday 9 – 3pm.
  • Or you can pay at the First Credit Union on Texada.


Non-Metered Rates

A For each single family residential Property, either permanent or seasonal, an annual toll of: $400
B For additional accommodation on the same piece of Property, utilizing one connection, an annual toll of: $400
C For Properties with multiple water connections, for each connection, annual toll of: $400 per connection
D For Commercial Properties (including restaurants, Bed and Breakfast, stores, etc.) for each water connection, an annual toll of: $400 minimum

Metered Rates

A For Commercial Properties (including restaurants, Bed and Breakfast, stores, etc.) for each metered connection $2.00 per m3 of usage beyond the minimum toll


New Water Connection

For new connections, see the page Water Connection Service page

Water Connection Change

For changes to existing service, see the page Water Connection Service page

Water Turn Off or On

The property owner can apply for temporary water shut off of less than a month.

Use this form to make the application.

There is a $30 charge for having the water turned off OR on.

Additional Charges

A $30.00 charge shall apply for each “NSF” cheque.

There may be additional costs if the water operator or contractor spends time locating and recovering connections which have been made inaccessible by the actions of current (or previous) parcel owner.

Parcel holders are wholly responsible for damages to water works from unauthorized access or tampering. This includes unauthorized turn on or shut off of water valves by persons other than employees or trustees of the District.

Water Shut Off for Non-Payment

Water may be shut off when payment is still owing 90 days after billing date.

Having water shut off from non-payment brings an additional charge of $60.00. Another $60.00 will be charged when the water is turned back on.

If  unpaid for one year from the due date,  the service may be disconnected.

Water Restriction Non-Compliance

Where use of water during watering restrictions falls outside of watering regulations, which have been publicly posted or circulated through the local newsletter or Improvement District’s website, the District has the right to request compliance with posted water conservation regulation. If parcel holder fails to comply, a meter may be installed at parcel holder’s expense and additional fees for water consumption over and above the metered base rate may apply.