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Gillies Bay Improvement District Boil Water Notice & Comprehensive Watering Ban

Effective Immediately, Gillies Bay is on a Boil Water Notice & increased Water Restrictions until further notice.

Gillies Bay water source is surface water from Cranby Lake which is greatly impacted by weather and precipitation. Currently, all of British Columbia is experience higher than normal dry conditions. Under such conditions, surface water sources are also affected – our lake temperature is very high and combined with high water consumption, the water chlorination treatment is not able to keep up. You need to have enough contact time with the chlorine to treat the water. The higher lake temperatures require additional contact time with the chlorine and with too much water demand, there is not enough time for the water to be treated safely.

At this time we require consumers to conserve water by following the these restrictions until further notice in order that we may lift the Boil Water Notice.

If high demand continues, the Boil Water Notice will remain in effect until we get significant rainfall and temperatures in the lake decline. The goal of GBID is to treat the water to make it safe to consume. Your cooperation in conservation will help.

Water Restrictions for Gillies Bay Improvement District

Sprinkler watering
All outdoor watering is prohibited including newly seeded and sodded lawns.

Vegetable gardens and fruit trees
✓ Vegetable gardens and fruit trees are exempt from all watering restrictions.

Watering of ornamental shrubs, flowers, trees
Δ Ornamental shrubs, flowers and trees are restricted to a hand-held container or a hose equipped with a shut-off nozzle.

Washing of vehicles and boats
All washing of vehicles, recreational vehicles and boats is banned.

Driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and buildings
All washing of sidewalks, driveways, decks and exterior building surfaces is banned.

Swimming pools, wading pools, hot tubs and water features
Filling of swimming pools, wading pools, hot tubs and garden pond water features is banned.


More about a Boil Water Notice here