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Water conservation is generally defined as: “the socially beneficial reduction of water use or water loss.” (Baumann, et al. 1980).

In Gillies Bay, we are surrounded by water. Our climate is temperate and we often have winters where we experience plenty of heavy rainfall.  This can make it easy for us to forget that water is a costly resource that requires responsible stewardship.

According to the Ministry of Environment, “the pressure for water is rising, and water rates may not reflect the full costs for supplying water.” Conservation measures are based on the following principles:

Principle 1:  Water is a valuable resource
Principle 2: Water is a finite resource
Principle 3: Water is a renewable resource
Principle 4: Water is a shared resource

Water conservation not only ensures long term sustainability of an essential resource, but it also saves money. For every gallon of water that is wasted, the costs associated with water delivery rise due to increased pressures on disinfection (chlorine), wear and tear on the system, and staffing requirements to monitor and maintain operations.

Water wasted = money wasted.

Water restrictions are in effect in Gillies Bay from June 1 to September 30.

Please note that hand-watering is permitted at all times. Restrictions only apply to sprinklers.

Sprinklers may be used for watering on the following schedule:

From 6 AM to 10 AM Daily


From 7 PM to 10 PM Daily

Click on the following resources for more information about what you can do to save water:

Although published in Arizona, this guide provides excellent information on the needs of a variety of plants. 

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