Improvement District/VFD Amalgamation

The Gillies Bay Improvement Distict (GBID) and Van Anda Improvement District (VAID) Boards of Trustees have been approached with the possibility of surrendering our Volunteer Fire Deparments to the Powell River Regional District (PRRD). After considerable research and discussions with the Ministry of Community, Sport, and Cultural Development, the PRRD, and the VAID Board, the GBID Board of Trustees believe that we would not be better served in converting our Fire Departments to the PRRD.

Our reasons are as follows:

1. The PRRD has had four fire departments under their auspices for over 30 years. These fire departments are faring no better, and in some cases are worse off, than our own Volunteer Fire Departments (VFD). (See Services Review)
2. Our most serious problem has been lack of manpower, this cannot be solved by the PRRD.
3. It makes no sense to separate our fire service from the water service upon which it depends.
4. It has been recommended to us, by the Ministry of CSCD, that the best solution for our island would be to amalgamate the two Improvement Districts, to form a ‘Texada Island Improvement District’
5. Most of the ‘benefits’ stated to us with respect to surrendering our VFDs to the PRRD can be accomplished without the PRRD.
6. We feel the people of Texada are better served by maintaining local control of our services and having them managed by people who are also dependent on these services.

Alternative Proposal

The GBID Board of Trustees has approached the VAID Board of Trustees to bring forth the possible amalgamation of the two VFDs as well as possible amalgamation of our two Improvement Districts.

The GBID Board of Trustees believe that the best solution to the issues faced by the Volunteer Fire Departments is to amalgamate the two Improvement Districts. This would save money by eliminating duplicated costs to run two separate Improvement Districts (and Fire Departments), allow us to share manpower and equipment, and allow us to expand our Fire Protection areas which would increase our pool of volunteers, increase our tax base, and lower insurance rates for residences brought into the Fire District.

Click on the links below to see our Fire Department Structure drawings:

Current Structure

Proposed Structure

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