Water Quality

Water quality issues are an ongoing concern for any surface water source.  We, in Gillies Bay, are no exception. Cranby Lake is a living and dynamic habitat, effected by many factors which are not within our control: climate, wildlife, and other environmental influences make providing safe drinking water a challenge at best.

The GBID is currently pilot testing a filtration system which we hope will prove successful at removing the precursors to our water quality issues.

Please click on the images below, to learn a little about what goes on at our lake in the warmer months.  These are the prevailing factors which lead to our annual (and predictable) boil water advisories.

The units indicated in the images are temperature of air and water (in Celsius), turbidity (in NTUs – the goal being less than 1 NTU), and total coliforms.  Coliforms are a measure of the organisms in the water which indicate changes in water quality.  Not all coliforms are harmful, but they give us an indication of the probability of the presence of dangerous organisms.